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Not all smartphone apps available today just for fun and entertainment only, there are many applications that aim to support the business...

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Not all smartphone apps available today just for fun and entertainment only, there are many applications that aim to support the business or a particular profession. One of them is a teacher.

In today's digital world, a lot of teachers in the world that is still less supported by the rapid development of the digital world. Although many teachers have had today's sophisticated tech tools, such as tablet PCs and smartphones, but is usually only used for personal purposes, and not to support profession.

But at this time there has been some very good applications made to facilitate a teacher to carry out their duties. Although not all teachers take the iPad to school, maybe someday there are those developers who are able to make a similar application to a more affordable device. Who knows?

Teacher Kit
By ITWorx

Platform: iOS
Price: FREE
Minimum OS: iOS 5.0
File Size: 42.9 MB

What makes it interesting is a closed system that allows us to oversee the development of the class, individual student, up to the value of report cards automation without having to input at the end of the semester. You can program how many replications, the added value of semester exams, and you can get the value end of the semester in the same subjects, plus the value of the average value achieved by the class as a whole.

Teacher Kit will also deal with attendance problems your students. At the end of the semester, you do not need to recapitalize attendance, because the application will automatically tell you how many percentage of total attendance each of your students.

ITWorx know very well that your job as a teacher is not only to teach the subject, more than that you have a responsibility towards the development of every student. And the application is able to reduce your expenses. Without having to restrain your creativity.

Teacher Aide Pro
By In Pocket Solutions

Platform: Android
Price: $9.99
Minimum OS: Android 2.2
File size: 3.1 MB

If iOS had a Teacher Kit, then Andoid has Teacher Aide Pro. With same function, but too graphic on interface, not as interesting as Teacher Kit. And even then you still have to redeem by 10 dollars.

But what you get is all you need. This apps helps you from attendance, registered subjects, list of student addresses, including phone numbers and email in order to send notifications, to record it in the form of scale and make notification to the parents.

Efficiency is the key benefit of this application. If you don't have an Android device, at least this application could inspire similar applications, who knows your students are ready to help make it happen in a more affordable device.


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